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Management Agent Reporting

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Andrew Quinlan
Occasional Advisor

Management Agent Reporting

Hi, I'm new to HP SIM.

I've installed the HP Management packs onto all my servers and have installed HP SIM on a local server.

Sometimes HP SIM flags events as critical or major that I’d prefer to have as information or warning. For example, it flags an ILO that is not configured as Major, i'd rather have it as informational. I know i can just remove the ILO agent, but I’d rather not.

What i really want is for all hardware faults to be logged as critical.

Is there a way i can customize this?
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Management Agent Reporting


What you want is to have the possibility to edit a mib.

In HP SIM go to options/Events/Snmp trap Settings and find to the mib you would like to modify, then modify the severity according to your need.
The hardest part will be to find which mib to edit...
MIB File Description
============ =====================================================
CPQSTDEQ.MIB Standard PC Server Equipment information

CPQSINFO.MIB ProLiant Specific PC Server information

CPQHOST.MIB Host Server Operating System information

CPQIDA.MIB Intelligent Drive Array information

CPQIDE.MIB IDE information

CPQSCSI.MIB SCSI Device information

CPQSTSYS.MIB Storage Systems information

CPQHLTH.MIB Server Health information

CPQTHRSH.MIB Settable Threshold information

CPQUPS.MIB Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) information

CPQRECOV.MIB Recovery Server information

CPQSRVMN.MIB Server Manager/R information

CPQSM2.MIB Remote Insight and iLO information

CPQCLUS.MIB Cluster information

CPQFCA.MIB Fibre Array information

CPQSTAT.MIB External Status information

CPQNIC.MIB Network Interface Card information

CPQAPLI.MIB Server Appliance information

CPQCR.MIB CR3500 RAID Controller information

SRVCLU.MIB Common Cluster Management information

SRVNTC.MIB Cluster Management MIB version information

ETHER.MIB RFC 1398 Ethernet NIC information

TOKEN.MIB RFC 1231 Token Ring NIC information

Hope it helps !

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David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Management Agent Reporting

The caution is that MIBs get updated, so you will have to edit them again each time new MIBs get published.

You'd be better customizing Action on Events to deal with a problem the way you want to, such as automatically clearing things like an iLO not configured and sending a alert on any hardware fault.
Andrew Quinlan
Occasional Advisor

Re: Management Agent Reporting

Thanks Fred,

I'm trying to understand the relationship between the information on the system management homepage on the managed system and the HP SIM web console on the central managment system.

As you've said, the HP SIM mibs can be configured however is that going to have any effect on the results of the system managemnt page of the manged system?

Thanks again,

Andrew Quinlan
Occasional Advisor

Re: Management Agent Reporting

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