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Management Processor + WBEM

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Management Processor + WBEM


I have recently installed SIM (ver. 5.2 sp2) using the WBEM collection protol rather than SNMP.

The only problem I received so far is the a Major health status for every server. When looking into the servers they all report the management processor is dodgy!

I think this is for iLO but I am not using this and it has been disabled on each box, although I have tried enable it and update the firmware on one but it still produces the error.

Other people have reported this on this forum and have been told to remove the "remote insight information", but when using WBEM you do not get a control panel applet to do this.

Any ideas are very much welcome.
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Re: Management Processor + WBEM

Based on my experiences and others posting on this site (including you), I have come to conclusion that the WBEM agents need some work. It's a great idea - I would LOVE to eliminate SNMP - but I don't think they are 100% ready for prime-time yet.

Another example I have found is clusters. If you don't have the SNMP agents installed, the cluster object is not detected from the nodes (unless I am doing something wrong).

Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I am willing to bet you will need to install the SNMP management agents (for the time being) to eliminate the errors with the iLOs.

Hopefully HP will update the WBEM agents to address these shortcomings.

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Re: Management Processor + WBEM

Thanks for the reply Nelson.

I'm pleased to say I have found a fairly easy solution to my problem!

Basically because we have never used iLO none of the drivers were ever installed from the support pack. Oncce any I installed any driver relating to iLO the errors have cleared! Not ideal if you wanted a "trimmed down" server with the minimum amount of drivers, but we are looking to use iLO soon so this would have needed doing anyway!