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Management agents, which one does what?

Sergio Moreno
Occasional Contributor

Management agents, which one does what?


I am trying to stop a proliant server from sending an alert on an accelerator board battery failure but I don't know which management agent to disable, does anybody know which agent I would need to diasble?

And what does each one of the following agents do?
1- host information
2- performance monitor
3- External Status information
4- software version
5- Threshold support
6- host remote alerter
7- system information
8- remote insight information
9- server remote alerter
10 - fibre array information
11- IDE information
12- iSCSI information
13- Drive Array information
14- SCSI information
15- SAS information
16- Storage Remote Alerter
17- NIC information

Sergio, ADOT
Martin Smoral
Trusted Contributor

Re: Management agents, which one does what?

my guess would be 13, 14 or 15