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Re: Managing Newly Discovered systems

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Managing Newly Discovered systems

I'd like to set up my auto-discovery to somehow notify me when a new machine is added.  I've done this by two different methods on other products that run a discovery.  Either group all of the newly added machines into a new collection, or send an email when the discovery is complete, listing the machines that were added.  Can this be done with HP SIM v6.2.0?

Brad Cunningham
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Re: Managing Newly Discovered systems


One way to accomplish this is to create a custom event handler

In SIM go to

Options>automatic event handling>new task

For select Name give it a name like” New System Notification”

For “Select event collection” check “use event attributes that I will specify”

For Select Events use “where event type is Systems Insight Manager Events> Discovered System

For Select system collection use All Systems

For Select actions check Send e-mail

Skip the Select Time filter unless you want a window for this task not to run


Review your custom task and you should be good to go!





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Re: Managing Newly Discovered systems

You could simply create an event task to fire when a 'new system is added to the collection'. The collection to target is the 'All Systems'. When a new object is discovered it will obviously be added here and you'll get an alert ;)~

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