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Missing CMS Tools & Menu Items


Missing CMS Tools & Menu Items

I recently inherited the "SIM Administrator" position for our network and began to systematically fix inconsistent snmp settings and permissions in my SIM domain. All seemed OK until I restarted my CMS server last week.

On restart, I noticed that several of the CMS tools are missing. I'm missing Deploy, Configure & Diagnose options entirely. But I am logging on with SIM administrator rights.

It seems like a permissions issue since the problem emerged after restarting the CMS. Permission-wise, I created an AD security group "SIM-Admins" and permissioned it in CMS using the Admin-Template. I also added the SIM-Admins group to the VCRM and the local server's Administrators group which should give the group full admin rights to sql.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions for this?


Re: Missing CMS Tools & Menu Items

Can anyone tell me what accounts the following services run under on their w2k3 CMS server?

HP ITO Agent
HP Performance Mgt Pack
HP PMP Tools
HP Systems Insight Manager
HP Virtual Machine Management Service
HP Virtual Machine Management Web Service


Re: Missing CMS Tools & Menu Items

It keeps getting better.

I wanted to make sure that the tools and authorizations was working, so I deleted my SIM admin group and 1 user account. I then closed the CMS and restarted all HP SIM services, then reopened the CMS.

When I re-created the SIM admin group using the administrator-template, it created 4 entries (instead of the normal 2) in the authorizations page. I noticed that I had duplicate entries for each toolbox in the Toolboxes tab and I had duplicate entries for the recreated group: 2 for all tools, CMS and 2 for all tools, All Managed Systems.

Anyone know how I can check the integrity of SIM security db's?
Eric V. Wilson
Occasional Advisor

Re: Missing CMS Tools & Menu Items

Hello Sergei,

My customer has just experienced these same problems - missing menu items and duplicate toolset entries - after SIM lost the connection to the database and the CMS was rebooted.

Have you found any solution or workaround ?

I have found the following technical knowledge base document (id = c00726235):

which implies that the problem is fixed in SP5.

I would be interested to know if you have found an alternative fix.



Re: Missing CMS Tools & Menu Items

I ended up deleting and re-creating accounts with administrative rights. This resolved the missing CMS tools on the newly-created accounts.