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Missing Product Name "Unconfigured HP System"

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Stuart M. Garland
Occasional Advisor

Missing Product Name "Unconfigured HP System"

HP SIM v5.0 SP5 with agents 7.50 running on Microsoft Windows Advanced Server 2003 SP1.

Over the past week or so, we have had about six servers crash for one reason or another. HP SIM correctly changed their respective status at the time, and changed them back when the servers came back on-line.
However, all six of these servers in the CMS console no longer show any description under the "Product Name" column, and when you look at each server's system properties, the "subsystem" description is set to "Unconfigured HP System".

I have checked, checked and double checked everything you can think of (SNMP, community strings, etc. etc.) I have tried deleting and re-discovering all of the servers. I've tried copious amounts of Data Collections, Status Pollings and Identify Systems, but to no avail.

Please can anyone help, before I come to the stark realization that this software is purely and simply "flaky".
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing Product Name "Unconfigured HP System"

Have you tried restarting the agents and specifically SNMP on the managed nodes and then do a rediscovery?

I have found in the past, although I must admit with Windows 2000, that when the systems have crashed (Windows servers crashing - say it is not true!!!) that the SNMP is left in a funky state. Even though the server is restarted because of the crash, SNMP and hence the agents are still funked up. Restarting SNMP (which automatically restarts the agents) seemed to fix this. I know - I don't get it either; restarting a server should start all services cleanly...

Not sure if this is the case with Win2003.