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Missing file at

John Ferrell
Occasional Advisor

Missing file at

We use the Version Control Repository Manager feature of Insight Manager to maintain current versions of drivers and firmware for our Proliant servers. Each day, the VCRM connects to and downloads any updates for the various catalogs of drivers and firmware. For the last few weeks we have been getting a consistent error when one of the catalogs is trying to download a file that does not appear to reside on the FTP site. Actually, there are two missing files:
Here is the complete error for one of them.

Error for file: hppyd-1.0.1-18.linux.rpm
Error code: 2147500037
Invalid HTTP status 404 trying to read file remote file
Error downloading remote file to local file e:\HPVersionControlDB\hppyd-1.0.1-18.linux.rpm.
Error for file: hppyd-1.0.2-3.linux.rpm
Error code: 2147500037

Does anyone at HP maintain this repository and confirm that all files are there? Is there anything I can or should be doing to resolve this?



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