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Missing info in SIM console?

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Missing info in SIM console?

I'm starting to add servers to a new SIM 5 console (latest SP applied I'm pretty sure). Specifically, I have three machines (out of about 10) that are missing any type of icon in the "SW" column and the server model information is missing (all are Proliant models - 360 G3-G4's I believe).

Regarding the SW field, I've setup the VCA on the machines and from each machine's SMH I can view the installed software as well as the software available in the repository (on the same SIM 5 server).

SNMP is configured, and all three of these machines have the server's cert imported and are set to trust by cert. I've waited about 24 hours to see if the info updates, I've run software and hardware discoveries against these boxes, nothing seems to help populate these fields.

Is there anything else I can try to get these machines to display all of the correct info in SIM?