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Monitor none HP servers

Jürgen Hiltebrandt
Occasional Contributor

Monitor none HP servers

Hallo everyone,
in addition to our ProLiants (which I managed to monitor with HPSIM successfully) I'd also like to monitor our other, none branded servers, which we use for batch processing and slave services (running w2kx).

Can plz anyone tell me how to, e.g. set up a (free available?!) agent on those boxes, which monitor hardware (maybe software or os, too?) and send traps to my HPSIM?

Thanx in advance!
Trusted Contributor

Re: Monitor none HP servers

You must compile the MIBs of the manufacturer and install the corresponding agents (Dell OpenManage or IBM Director for example) on the servers. And configure the SNMP service of course. You will then receive the traps sent by these servers but the status will remain green or red in SIM, no orange or yellow.
For the workstations, whatever the manufacturer is, you an install the 'old' HP workstation agents. I do that for Dell Optiplex installed as test servers.