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Monitoring VMWare Datastore Space

Ted Harwood
Occasional Contributor

Monitoring VMWare Datastore Space

We need to monitor for space free on our VMWare ESX servers. We have the HP Insight Management Agents for VMWare installed on all the servers. How do you modify the disk space free thresholds? What file on the system contains the settings for these thresholds? Can we script with shell script / cron to make sure any new VMFS added automatically gets our default thresholds? I believe it is off by default.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Monitoring VMWare Datastore Space

Thresholds are set either from the SMH (providing SNMP has been set correctly) or they can be set via HPSIM itself. Can't recall the path exactly and not near an HPSIM logon to see.
Not sure where the actual setting is held. But I don't think it's in a file that can simply be edited via a script.