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Monitoring suspened on enclosure -- but it UN-suspends itself

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Monitoring suspened on enclosure -- but it UN-suspends itself

I set monitoring to be suspended indefinitely on a blade power enclosure (since it is spewing numerous power alerts). Until HP fixes this, we don't want all the alerts.

Well it keeps UN-suspending itself somehow.

Does anyone know how to permanently suspend a blade power enclosure?

I tried suspending (indefinitely), the rack, the blade enclosure AND the power enclosure. But eventually it returns to an enabled state -- on its own.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Monitoring suspened on enclosure -- but it UN-suspends itself

Well, actually, although it is counter-intuitive, even if you were able to suspend this indefinitely, that would not have the effect of surpressing the events.

First, it is suspending of monitoring, or in other words, it is skipped during status polling. That does not mean that HP SIM will toss away events received from a device.

But, perhaps more importantly, power enclosures don't have an IP connection, so the BladeSystem infrastructure actually relies on either the iLOs in the blades or the blades themselves to carry the alerts.

The only way to successfully surpress alerts from being sent would be to make sure that ALL of the iLOs in the infrastructure do not have 'Enable Infrastructure Events' turned on and to move the 'Rack Infrastructure Interface' to inactive in ALL the blades connected to the subsystem through the Control Panel applet "HP Management Agents."
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Re: Monitoring suspened on enclosure -- but it UN-suspends itself

Thanks, but I'm not trying to suppress events from appearing in the HPSIM console.

I'm trying to stop the events being emailed -- as we have a task to send emails for all events (and I dont' want to slice out these events right now from the email events automatic handling task).

Generally, suspending monitoring stops ALL events for that device from being emailed (although they appear in the HPSIM console under all events). That's what we want.

This works for a time with the enclosures -- but then somehow monitoring re-enables itself - so we start getting the emails of the alerts related to the enclosure.

As far as enabling or disabling infrastructure events in ILO -- can you point me to that specifically? I can't find that option anywhere.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Monitoring suspened on enclosure -- but it UN-suspends itself

Under SNMP in ILO (on our blade servers), I see this:

SNMP Alert Destination(s):
Enable iLO SNMP Alerts No
Forward Insight Manager Agent SNMP Alerts No
Enable SNMP Pass-thru Yes
Enable p-Class Alert Forwarding No

In other words, only "enable snmp pass-thru" is set to "yes" in the snmp portion of ILO. But this doesn't effect alerts (per the help screen). Here's the help on this:

"Enable SNMP Pass-thru

SNMP requests that are received by iLO can be passed through to the host OS, and responses to these requests passed back through iLO to the requestor. If not enabled the SNMP requests that are sent to iLO are ignored and not sent through to the host. Alerts are not affected by this setting. The default setting is Yes."

p-class alert forwarding is set to "no" on all ILOs for all blades. Is that what you meant by infrastructure events?