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Most 'Installed Software' packages without baseline version?

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Most 'Installed Software' packages without baseline version?

Hi.    I'm running HP SIM 7.0.0 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.2, with VCRM 7.0.0 and VCA 6.3.0-8 on my clients.


When I bring up the 'HP Version Control Agent' home page via the System Management Health web site of a client there are a number of 'Installed Software' packages listed, but only a few have corresponding checkboxes and version numbers under the 'Supported Pack Version' and 'Latest Version' columns of the 'Installed Software' table.


I've attached a JPEG image of the VCA home page - vca.jpg - to illustrate the problem.


Can anyone tell me why most of the packages don't have an entry in those right-hand columns?  The VCA has been set to point to my VCRM repository (otherwise there wouldn't be any entries at all, for any packages, in those columns).  When I click on 'show additional items' there's a whole host of packages from the VCRM that are listed in the 'Available Software' section, including, for example, this package:


  HP System Health Application and Command Line Utilities version (English (US), Japanese)


Which, as you can see from the attached image, is exactly the same package that's listed in the first 'Installed Software' section.  Yet the package doesn't have a checkbox, version or status symbol listed in the corresponding 'Support Pack Version' or 'Latest Version' columns.


I haven't seen anything in the manuals which suggests why some packages seem to link up properly with the VCRM and have the checkboxes and some don't.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!