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Move HP SIM from one server to another

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Move HP SIM from one server to another


I have a HP SIM 5.3 running on a Windows 2003 server in a VM. Now i want to move the HP SIM installation from the VM to a physical server how do i export all the configuration so i have all the agents still intact in the new server so i dont need to add everything again. Hope someone know what i should do.

David Claypool
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Re: Move HP SIM from one server to another

The easiest way to do this would be through the Server Migration Pack to do a V2P conversion. --> Server Migration Pack
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Re: Move HP SIM from one server to another

Hello again

If i want to move the configuration (the server clients in SIM) to another platform the VM is running Windows Server 2008 and i want to move the new one to Server 2003. Is this possible? Maybe i only need to use the old database? Or do i need somthing else?

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Re: Move HP SIM from one server to another

Hi there,

I recently upgraded from an old DL360 to a new BL465c for our SIM server. It's on a SQL2005 database on our SQL server, so I'm not sure if that's the same as your server.

Here's a few problems I ran into and the solutions.

Ensure you backup the following directories:


(I backed up the whole sim folder to be safe.

When you run the install on the new server make sure you specify the correct database server with credentials, note this will create a new database, you can point your new SIM server to your existing one when you backup the SIM config files. Also specify the same SIM service account / admin account as before.

I installed the addon components but I found I had to uninstall and reinstall the VMWare component due to errors I was receiving in SIM.

Once the new SIM server is online with the backed up files, it should point to the existing database and everything should be good. If thereâ s a spam of the following errors going through on the SIM server being reported by the new SIM server this is what is needed to fix it.

The error is â Login failed authenticationâ

The next thing to do is run the following commands.

mxpassword â g
This opens a GUI where you need to change the password to the SIM service account password.

Then you need to generate new SSL keys for the new server by:

Moving the key-files (..\program files\hp\systems insight manager\conf\sshtools.dtfSshKey and to a backup directory and creating a new key pair. To create the key pair you must have OpenSSH installed. Change to the bin directory of OpenSSH (..\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin) and use the ssh-keygen.exe with following syntax : ssh-keygen -b 1024 -f .dtfSshKey -t rsa. You'll then be asked for a new passphrase and use the password for the S-SYSIMService account. After that a new key pair will be generated in the current directory. Then you have to move these files to the directory where the old files where located (..\program files\hp\systems insight manager\conf\sshtools) and then restart the SIM Services.

Hope that helps.
Robin Fuller

Re: Move HP SIM from one server to another