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Move HPSIM DB from MDSE to SQL2005

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Move HPSIM DB from MDSE to SQL2005


Does anyone know how to move the HPSIM database from MSDE to SQL2005 ??

I would really like to move the database, and would like some help with the issue.

Please advice....
Joel Rubenstein
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Re: Move HPSIM DB from MDSE to SQL2005

SIM does not "officially" support SQL 2005 until the SIM 5 SP5 release which is scheduled for June.

To move the data you would use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

You would need to connect to the MSDE server and the SQL 2005 server and then you can use the copy database wizard to move or copy the SIM database. You would also need to transfer the plug-in databases.

You would then need to reconfigure SIM to access the new SQL server.

#1 Modify the database.props file to point to the new server.

#2 Modify the ODBC configurations for SIM and the plug-ins to point to the new SQL server

You would need to restart the SIM and associated plug-in services.
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Re: Move HPSIM DB from MDSE to SQL2005


I close this tread, since you gave such a greate answer.