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Move MSDE database files


Move MSDE database files


I have two independent HP-SIM installations, one on a physical Proliant server and one in a virtual machine (ESX). Because a low memory and processor speed of my virtual partition,
I want to move the HP-SIM database files (insight, pmp, vmm) to the physical Server where the HP-SIM 5.1 SP1 and the MSDE is still running. After that action I will deinstall the MSDE from my virtual partition.
Are there any documents which describes the steps? There are documents which describes a similar action, moving from MSDE to SQL Server 2005, using tools that are not available after the MSDE installation.
fred Passeron
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Re: Move MSDE database files


The closest I can think of is the following :

hope it helps


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Re: Move MSDE database files

Hello Fred,

that is exactly the document I meant in my question. It describes the export from the MSDE but import to a remote MS SQL 2000 database. The document describes the usage of the SQL Enterprise Manager for the import which I don't have after the HP-SIM installation using the MSDE. Is there no way to import the database files without that tools?

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