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Moving to New Server & Upgrading

John J DiMack
Occasional Contributor

Moving to New Server & Upgrading

We are undertaking a move, upgrade & integration of SIM 5.1 and RDP. I’d like some opinions on our plan. The move is to a new server. The upgrade is from SIM V5.1 SP1 to SIM V5.2. The integration is with RDP V3.5. Currently we have over 600 servers being monitored by SIM. We are using an external SQL 2000 Database, which we would like to keep. We currently have SIM & RDP on separate servers. We want to move SIM to the RDP Server.

Our plan is as follows:
- Bring down the existing SIM Server by stopping and disabling the HP SIM Services.
- Install SIM 5.2 fresh on the RDP Server.
o Use the same SQL 2000 Database as was used by original SIM 5.1 Server.
o During the Install we just point to the correct Instance.
- Change the SNMP settings on all monitored servers to point to new server.
o Currently SNMP is manually configured on each server with the current SIM 5.1 server name.
o I’m assuming this can be done with a script so we don’t have to manually configure the SNMP on each server.
 If anyone knows of this script, it would be a big help, as I have not researched it yet.
- Bring up new SIM 5.2 Server.
- Check to make sure we can access the servers and that we are getting good data.

We will also be upgrading RDP at this time as well, but that’s a different forum!

If anyone has any suggestions or sees where I may have missed anything please feel free to comment. I think the biggest task will be to change the SNMP settings on all the existing servers.


Ervinck Kevin
Valued Contributor

Re: Moving to New Server & Upgrading

For updating the SNMP settings, change them via the SMH on one server and then update all others via 'Configure'/'Replicate Agent Settings'.
I use this every time, also in new installations.