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MxDomainManager restarts every hour HPSIM 6.2


MxDomainManager restarts every hour HPSIM 6.2

For the past month the MxDomainManager service restarts every hour.

If I am working on the GUI I get logged off with the message 'Communication with the HP SIM server has been lost'

This is a major issue as HPSIM can be down for up to 5 minutes and any server that goes down in this time will not send an email alert.

before the restart occurs the eventviewer shows ..

SQL Server has encountered 4 occurrence(s) of cachestore flush for the 'Object Plans' cachestore (part of plan cache) due to some database maintenance or reconfigure operations.

We are only monitoring hardware on our HP proliant servers approx 30 servers.

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 16gb ram

I will reward all replies with points.

Thanks in advanced.

Re: MxDomainManager restarts every hour HPSIM 6.2

to add to this SQL is run locally (included with hpsim).. maybe move the database to a dedicated sql server? is this a database issue?