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Re: Mxtask problem

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Mxtask problem

I try to create a taks with mxtask following the whitepaper on failover event handling...

However I can't create the tasks with the mxtask tool. Error message is: Grouping type of 'NodeGroup' is not allowed for queryname attribute

The queryname used to create the task is a combo collection. So far it seems that the mx utility does not work with combo collections... However it works to create it from the console.

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Re: Mxtask problem

whats the SIM version that you are using
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Re: Mxtask problem

HP SIM version is 6.2 with some components of HP Insight Control (Power Management)

The problem can be reproduced bu doing:
mxtask -lf taskname > dump.xml
edit xml file to modify the name of the task.
mxtask -cf dump.xml

=> this works if the queryname in the xml file points to a event query but does not if it points to a combo query. At least that's as far as I went.
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Re: Mxtask problem


A little help on this problem would be much appreciated. As is I just can't implement the HP white paper on automatic failover handlind since I must create tasks on combo collections.

Apparently problem has already been reported on version 5.1 on this forum: but has not yet been answered.