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NIC Messages

Occasional Advisor

NIC Messages

My coworker was running tests on some NetWare servers before putting them into production, making sure that SIM would alert us to hardware failures. Pulling a drive caused SIM to get messages, but taking the cable out of a redundant NIC did not send a message. I would assume an administrator would want to know when one of the NICs in the server is no longer working?
Here is the message that appeared on the screen:
Q57-NW-10794-Adapter 1-Board 2:
Slot 10017 Adapter Link is Down
Another message was:
TCPIP-6.61-356: Wed Jan 25 13:53:25 2006
Either Link is down for board 2 or board is having some major problem.
TCPIP-6.61-358: Wed Jan 25 13:53:25 2006
Board 2's properties are copied to Board 1.
I actually like that error message - it makes me smile.

Maybe these are just NetWare messages and HP SIM doesn't care that you just lost one of your NIC connections???

Anyone out there know why the server wouldn't send a trap for this, but would for drive failures?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: NIC Messages

In Windows you can enable/disable different sub-agents. You go to Control Panel and then run the HP Management Agents GUI and select the agents to include / remove.

I'm not sure if there is a similar way of doing this with Netware.
But I use this approach to remove the Remote Insight Agent on Servers where there is no connection to the ILO and it stops it reporting the error.
Not the full answer, but may point to where to look.