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Need help with ASR Messages

Nico Sijtsma
Occasional Visitor

Need help with ASR Messages


I have several ASR messeges received last night. The last weeks we got some ASR's but last night we had 4 and this morning another 2.
Ive searched the internet and the HP forum and all i could find was " Check the Critical error Log". Can anyone tell me where i can find this log ? Ive also searched the internet for this but i cant find the Critical error Log anywhere.

We are running windows 2000 server with
veritas beckup exec
dns server
dhcp server
its an ML370 G2

I hope somebody can help me.
Thanks in advantage.

btw. the event logger isnt telling me anything.
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Need help with ASR Messages

You go in Home page management of you re server and you check log intergrate log.
this is the software if you did not install it
James Kennedy_5
Regular Advisor

Re: Need help with ASR Messages

the IML isn't always very descriptive about the error, but since it's a Windows server, more than likely you're getting a blue screen crash.

ASR is good and bad. The good, it does what its supposed to do, Reboot. Bad, is that it doesn't always allow the system to write a crash dump.

Check your C:\windows\minidump folder and see if there is a minidump there, or also C:\Windows\memory.dmp for the full dump. More than likely those will be more helpful in determining the reason for the ASR. You might need a crash analyzer tool to parse the dump files though.