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Need information on System Insight Manager

Occasional Visitor

Need information on System Insight Manager

Hi People,

We are comparing various software which give details of various system netrics.

we could not locate any docs which say what the System Insight Manager can or cannot do.

Does any one of you have any latest docs with details of what software can / cannot do?

Chris Hasler

Re: Need information on System Insight Manager

HP SIM can do a ton of things. Like all good tools though, it does take some work to get things configured properly. I think that this scares a lot of people away.

Luckily the good folks at HP have provided a ton of documentation about the product.

Here is the link to the main HP SIM page,

The current version of HP SIM is 5.3 with a new version expected soon which is 6.0.
Review the Overview and Features, Key benefits and the QuickSpecs for general information.

The main page to the SIM Information Library can be found here for more detail: