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Need to move SIM to a new server


Need to move SIM to a new server

I need a way to migrate the security settings for the SIM certifficate to a new server. Last time I did this I spent 3 days re-doing the certifficates on all the servers.

The server that runs SIM is going away and I am moving SIM to a new blade server.
My problem is that my SIM database is on a seperate SQL server and I want to keep the same database. I can install on the new balde and point at the existing database, but I think I will have to take the current SIM off line to do that.

How can I migrate the Security Certificate information since I cant have both SIM servers up at the same time because of the common database?


fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Need to move SIM to a new server


have a look at the following document, it should help you migrating your server with less trouble.

it contains infos on migrating sql data as well as all the config files including certificates.

hope it helps !


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