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Never get SNMP trap from one of my servers

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Never get SNMP trap from one of my servers

where do you setup the email notification of traps/alarms/alerts? I have tried to compare one of my servers that will do it against this one that doesnt...I do the "send test trap" and nothing happens...... so where is the destination email setup done ???

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Re: Never get SNMP trap from one of my servers

You're talking about several different things here.
SNMP on the server needs the Trap destination set to point to the HPSIM Server.

From HPSIM, under Options -> Events ->Automatic Event Handling -> E-Mail settings is where you set up the details of the e-mail server.

Finally under vents ->Automatic Event Handling ->New Task is where you'd set up a task to e-mail based on an event (e.g. all Critical & Major Events)

To test, on a server from Control Panel run up the HP Management Agents Gui and send a test trap. That should generate an event which if the event handling has been set up will generate an e-mail.