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New SIM install and reconfiguration of clients.

Steve weeks_2
Frequent Advisor

New SIM install and reconfiguration of clients.


My SIM install is running on VMWare on ESX and having a few issues overall. Some i expected, some new.

So I want to get the install done on another machine and then all clients migrated to talk to this one instead.

What's the best way of sorting trusts etc ? Configure all to Trust all then should be able to configure easily to trust and import the new Cert ?
What's the best way to config SMH so it has the new SIM server as the trusted server ? Assuming the best is to configure the old SIM machine to Trust the new one, then do a deployment of SMH to all boxes ?

Problem i have is when installing new SMH at the moment i have approx 250 machines that say
"version control agent is not available" but i don't have a clue as to why ?


David J Atkinson
Occasional Advisor

Re: New SIM install and reconfiguration of clients.

The version control agent is dependent on the trust relationship between HP-SIM and the managed system SMH. Unfortunatly you cannot cascade those (Which it sounds like you're trying to). You need to have the certificate from the new CMS on the managed systems. You can do this in bulk using "Configure or Repair Agents". You cannot just move the certificate from the old CMS to the new CMS because it contains the CMS hostname. It's theoretically possible to move the certificate and update the CMS hostname... but you're likely to break a lot of other SIM functionality at the same time.

SSH keys, however, are much easier to move. The SIM technical manual should tell you where the ssh key is physically located and you can obtain/set the passphrase using mxpassword. We've migrated HP-SIM a few times and been able to retain the ssh key with each move... although having to dump and restore everything to move from Postgres to Oracle was *not* fun