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New version of VCRM

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New version of VCRM


I am not able to see supportpacks from Windows Server X64 R2 in the new version of VCRM.
I have used the latest VCA agents on servers and connected them to VCRM.
I have also checked the box beside the PSP for Win 2008 x64 R2 inside the config of VCRM.

But nothing will show up inside the VCRM.

Best Regards
/Micke Ch
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: New version of VCRM

From the command prompt, enter the following command:
vcrmcli.exe /os "OS version"
The command configures the operating systems listed to download ProLiant Support Packs.
vcrmcli.exe /os â win2003x64, win2003x86, win2008x64, win2008x86, win2k8 R2,
Rhel5, Rhel5x64, Rhel4, Rhel4x64â

vcrmcli.exe /updatenow

Automatic update
vcrmcli.exe /autoupdate
/interval "Interval"
/dayofweek "Day of the week"
/time "Update Start time"
/proxyname â Proxy server name or IP addressâ
/proxyport â Port numberâ
/proxyuser â User Nameâ
/proxypwd â Passwordâ

vcrmcli.exe /autoupdate /interval â 7â /dayofweek â 0â /time â 22â /proxyname
â proxy.domain.comâ /proxyport â 1234â /proxyuser â â /proxypwd â â


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Re: New version of VCRM


You have to have support packs in the repository folder of VCRM which you have installed. You can see the VCRM repository folder in c:\Repository (according to default settings).

You can either configure to have support packs automatically downloaded or if you have a smart start version downloaded, then you can upload it to VCRM repository folder through VCRM GUI using "upload support pack" link in VCRM homepage.