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No Event Notification in SIM

Jérémy DINAM
Occasional Visitor

No Event Notification in SIM


My HP Systems Insight Manager doesn't show me the events i need. All my systems are reconized, event type shown are reachable/unreachable but others are not.

We tested a redondant power supply shutdown, that event can be seen from event notifier or into the system management homepage, but not in HP SIM. That's my problem!

Thank U for your help.

Jérémy DINAM
Occasional Visitor

Re: No Event Notification in SIM

Hi again,

I tried different kind of email notification, it was a success for login/logout or reachable/unreachable event type.
I sent a test trap from a managed server and I've been notified by an email as I was waiting for.

But each time I simulate a Power Supply failure (I pull out the cable) no notification is send to me while the system management homepage gives an event advertising, and while event notifier send to me an email.

I do not anderstand that problem!

Please help me !
Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: No Event Notification in SIM

Jeremey, I was having teh same issue. This thread below solved my issue:

To quote:
"In all cases reported to date the problem has been resolved by going to Tasks and Logs --> View All Scheduled Tasks. Selecting the "Hardware Status Polling for Servers" task, clicking edit and stepping through all the screens but making no changes. After clicking done the task should work correctly."
Jérémy DINAM
Occasional Visitor

Re: No Event Notification in SIM

Hi Preston,

I tried your solution but I still have the problem. I edited almost all the tasks and rebooted the HP SIM but it's the same.

I verified all parameters, protocols settings, trust mode...

I am working on hardened servers so maybe are there some restrictions on network access...

Could it be a problem with the mibs of snmp traps?