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No Events shown

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No Events shown

I moved our HP SIM from one VM to another. After that i don´t get any Envent Messages. Has anybody an Idea what is going wrong? The Last Event Message was shown with our old HP SIM.

Old Events

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Re: No Events shown



Sorry for asking this silly question, but is the IP address on the new CMS the same as the old?  That's assuming you didn't change the SNMP trap destinations on the client servers.

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Tushar Bajpai
Trusted Contributor

Re: No Events shown

The IP Address might have changed, in that case the events will be sent to the old IP Addess.


Also check the following:



1) Windows SNMP Trap Service is Up and Running. ( if not then start the service and restart HPSIM)

2) There is No Firewall on the system.


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\T Bajpai
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Re: No Events shown

Check the IP address hasn't changed. Also, SIM stores the MAC address of the card it was bound to on install so that most likely has also changed since you moved VM.


PS: when you say moved, what process did you use?

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