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No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

Occasional Contributor

No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

Hi. I'm using SIM 7.0 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.2, managing a number of HP Proliant G7 Linux machines.


SIM works fine with SNMP v1 or v2c but we have a requirement for higher-security encryption. I gather, from my research, that Insight Manager doesn't support SNMP v3. First of all, could the people here confirm that?


Looking for an alternative I wondered if I could set up WBEM providers on the client Linux machines. From what I've found on various web searches it looks like HP *used* to provide WBEM providers for Linux but does not do so any longer. Or does, but only for HP 'Integrity' servers (I found links stating both). In any case, it looks like HP doesn't provide WBEM software for RedHat Linux running on HP Proliant machines.  Is that correct?


I've looked into using the open source SBLIM project to provide a WBEM broker and providers on the Linux clients but of course those providers won't delivery any HP hardware specifics.  This is what SIM discovery of a client using SBLIM WBEM tells me:


        * Running WBEM rules based identification...
Minor:    The computer system information is not available on the managed
          system; For HP hardware, please check the HP site to get the HP
          WBEM provider.
Minor:    Identification cannot get computer system hardware data from the
          WBEM / WMI providers.


Do I have any other options?  Thanks!

mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

I'm in the same boat.


I've been trying to find a secure way to get the wmi data from the windows / rhel virtual machines also just to have inventory in one place.

mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

as it turns out if you install the systems management homepage with trust by certificate setup you can talk to and identify the servers correctly.



Occasional Advisor

Re: No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

Insight Manager doesn't support SNMP v3.


It seems that when using WBEM, HP SIM has to know what to ask for _OR_ device will not be properly identyfied or managed.


The lack of possibility for manual creation of SNMP/WBEM discovery and management rules for 3rd party devices is a pain. We can count only on rules created by HP. But maybe that's how it should work like.

mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

The worst part of the whole thing is that you have to use credentials for everything.


they want you to install the following on every server

- openssh (secure tasks)

- hp sysstems management homepage - identification

- hp wbem / snmp agents - which you cant check unless you have credentials on the box.

- they also want a read and write snmp community for snmp for the systems management homepage to work.

- wbem subscriptiions only work with credentials.


your right about third party hardware I really hate that you can't even compile the mibs without the hp format.


it would be nice if it was hp hardware by default for management and here's how you compile the mibs for other vendors...



Occasional Advisor

Re: No HP WBEM providers for SIM?

Yes, you can compile 3rd party MIBs. I did it for almost every mib form Cisco. I did even import every compiled file - in fact the compilation is a creation of .cfg file for the mib.


But even with compiled mibs u cannot set HP SIM to manage device even if there is a proper mib file. I think HP SIM must know how to deal with this device. Only the mib file in not enough. To go further, I think that without agents the management of any device by HP SIM is close to zero. I might be wrong, of course.


PS. You did forget about "trusted" SSL certificates. :) And AFAIK with HP agents ver 9.0 and 9.10 there is a bug in SNMP settings in SMH. In Windows version you cannot use the ";" mark in a list (an error pops out), even it was supported in older versions :)