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No Support Packs in Repository.. HELP!!

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No Support Packs in Repository.. HELP!!

I tried to deploy psp thru "Initial Proliant Support Install" and its showing the following error message

"There are no support packs in this repository"

Can anyone help me what to do next?

big points!!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: No Support Packs in Repository.. HELP!!

Depends on what you've done so far.

You need to configure the VCRM to have a Repository directory. Click on the server that hosts the VCRM and select the link to the VCRM from under the Tools Tab.

I create a top level directory (e.g. VCRM Repositories) and then create a number of sub-directories below that for each of the PSPs plus one other for non-PSP files.

Then download the required PSP into the sub-directory.
The VCRM should automatically pick this up, you'll see a whole lot of .mnf files appear.

The option to deploy a PSP access information about the VCRM that's not updated dynamically. Sorry, but I cannot recall the actual task that does this. Pretty sure it's daily at least. So, you may see PSP's when you go to the VCRM directly but not when using the deploy PSP option.