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Not Authorised ? - But I have full access ??


Not Authorised ? - But I have full access ??


Can anybody help with this issue.

User + Toolbox + System = Authorisation.

I am getting "You are Not Authorized to view this page" when i try to access any server. The user account has access to the "All Tools" toolbox and it is assigned to "All Managed Systems" therefore i should have full authorisation.

Any ideas?

I'm on Insight System Manager 5 with SP5.

Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: Not Authorised ? - But I have full access ??

When you created the user, what is the CMS configuration right that you have assigned? And, which page are you trying to access? Is it the system page of the server?

Re: Not Authorised ? - But I have full access ??

User was created with the Administrative template.
The page i'm trying to access is when you search for a server, it returns the result. You click on the server, then you are presented with the following tabs:
Identity; Tools & Links; Events.

I click on any link within the identity tab and get the error as previous post. I can however go to the Tools & Links and login to the system management homepage. So i dont have a problem accessing SMH's but i do when using the links from the Identity page.