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Not monitoring the Network Interface.

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Not monitoring the Network Interface.

I have SIM5 and just installed recently.
Monitoring most of the things now that I want(Power, Hardware etc).

I made another test and unplugged the network cable buit didnt give me any notifications or events.

Any workaround on this one.

thank you again SIM forum.

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Re: Not monitoring the Network Interface.

Try a check of (Windows ?) event viewer to see if that shows the nic cable unplugged.

If the nic cable is the main 'outside world' connection on the unit you're monitoring, then SIM should still pick this up as 'unit no longer responding'.

For this, check in SIM (on your main monitoring server), 'tasks and logs' pull down, 'view all scheduled tasks', 'hardware status polling for servers' and 'for non servers'. Check these are scheduled to run and the unit you're monitoring is in this list.
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Re: Not monitoring the Network Interface.

i think you have noticed the time cycle between interface polling (tcp or icmp ping),
so if you wait until the next ping polling you definetly get the failed status for polling and if you plug in the network cable and wait for the next polling task, the failed status will be acknowledged and you have an reconnect entry for the history