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Old Compaq RILOs disappear in HP SIM 5.2

Willi Girard
Occasional Contributor

Old Compaq RILOs disappear in HP SIM 5.2


We're having troubles with our newly set up HP SIM 5.2 Server. Recently i added all the (R)ILOs of our HP/Compaq Servers and i got them all assigned to the correct Host.

But whats Strange.. we have some old Compaq Servers with old RILO Boards and the Firmware 2.53(128-bit SSL) which is the latest according to the HP Website. However sometimes these RILO Boards disappear in our SIM and wont show up unless we run a System identification on these Hosts. But after a couple of hours they're gone again.

Is this an incompatibility or a known issue that wont be fixes cause the RILO Boards arent supported anymore? If not, does someone have the same problems with SIM 5.2 and old Compaq RILO Boards and knows how to fix it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Occasional Contributor

Re: Old Compaq RILOs disappear in HP SIM 5.2

I'm in the process of testing SIM with old RILO's on DL380g2's.. so far they seem to turn up ok and have self-assigned themselves to the correct system.
have you got the full support pack installed?

do all the functions on the card work ok.. traps, logs, replay startup, rc etc..