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OneView replacing SIM?

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OneView replacing SIM?

Heard through the grapevine today that HP is going to be replacing SIM with a product called OneView. This may be the reason why they stopped development on the new version of SIM that was supposed to be released mid March. Can anyone confirm this info? Thanks!

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Re: OneView replacing SIM?

Hello Rvivian,


Oneview i to be the replacement for HP SIM. Oneview can support systems  from Gen 7, for older generation servers you still need HPSIM. I think they will support HPSIM for the next year or so.


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Andrew  Haak

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Re: OneView replacing SIM?



yes sooner or later oneview will replace HP SIM.

For support on current HP SIM version check HPs support matrix:


As you can see, the HP SIM 7.3 will be supported until 05/31/2015.




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Re: OneView replacing SIM?

I pretty much have the same information.


Note that OneView and SIM is a not a 1:1 comparison.  OneView is much more and only a subset of SIM features right now.  OneView is slated to be the single point of management to replace functions of VCEM, SIM.  It's not a perfect conversion.  You can set up OneView yourself with the downloadable appliance. 


So, what's not in OneView that is in SIM today?  Warranty entitlement lookups, IRS/IRSA, support for pre-G7 machines and some of the plugins from Insight Control (power management, performance management).  There are also no current plans for multi-vendor support.  Now, given that HP Cloud tools do support multi-vendor, it is my assumption that OneView as well, as a piece of the overall automation suite, it's just not on the current roadmap.


In my opinion, you'll keep SIM for your legacy equipment and multi-vendor stuff, but from Gen7+ onward, especially if you have enclosures or new deployments, you'll want to go OneView, but if you use IRS, i'd wait.  Basically, OneView needs to catch up a bit before people can replace SIM with it.  I am all for it, however - SIM is getting "long in the tooth" and was in dire need of a technology update (lose java, UI update, combine plugins into one too for better management).  Plus, managing VCs and storage within OneView is great.  I am looking forward to learning more at Discover..