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P2000 G3 MSA in SIM 7.2

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P2000 G3 MSA in SIM 7.2

Hello we'ew running SIM 7.2 on Server 2012 and we have a P2000 G3 FC MSA running the latest firmware, under SIM it only reports very limited information from SNMP 1 and the WBEM SMI-S disovery seems to fail with the follwoing error:

The identification or discovery of this system has timed out, so
the task for this target has failed. If the managed system's CPU is
heavily utilized, then you may want to increase the timeout value
for identification for a single system. To do that, increase the


The logon credentials for the SAN controllers web portal are in the System Credentials list. And SMI is enabled in the controllers web gui.

Has anyone got this working?