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P2V with SIM5.1.. SO CLOSE!


P2V with SIM5.1.. SO CLOSE!

Ok, my P2V is almost successful.. however, I am now stuck here:

2007/10/30 15:44:57 | INFO - Acquired lock for agent
2007/10/30 15:44:57 | INFO - Setting connection lock to IPs []
2007/10/30 15:44:57 | INFO - Agent version on host [manufacturer=HP name=SMP Agent version= productVersion=2.1]
2007/10/30 15:45:46 | WARN - Network connectivity between physicalservername and esxservername is broken. Benchmark returned -1


CMS, ESX host and Physical machines can all ping each other. I suspect a firewall is the culprit. I understand I may need to open 1124-1126. What I am unclear on is do these ports need to be opened on all of the systems involved i.e. CMS, ESX, Physcial server, etc. Or just between certain servers? All three servers are on different subnets. Also, do I need to open TCP and UDP? Thanks!

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Re: P2V with SIM5.1.. SO CLOSE!

Did you ever get this issue solved?