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PMP Installation

Venkata Vanam
Occasional Contributor

PMP Installation


I Installed HP Systems Insight Manager 5.0 with SP5. I am piloting the same.

I am trying to install Performance Management Pack and Version Control Repository Manager.

when i try installing PMP it comes up with the window (Service Account credentials) where it asks to provide the password for Administrator of the domain and says database server name is itself. I am a domain admin myself and the administrator user id is not used for normal purpose. Could you please suggest a workaround for this problem.

Second, When i try to install andy drives onto a client system from HP SIM, SIM responds saying repository is empty. Could you please let me know how to populate the repository.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: PMP Installation

Typically you would install PMP and HPSIM using the same account and at the same time.
These are the credentials you will need to use.

You populate the repository bu either configuring the Automatic Updates for the VCRM or expanding the PSP's.
I don't use the automatic downloads, I've created a top level directory, and below that sub-directories for the different PSP's as well as one for items not in the PSP's (e.g. Firmware)
Then you expand any PSP's and download any firmware cp00nnnn.exe files as required.
You configure the VCRM to point to the top level directory and tell it to rebuild the catalogue.
You'll see a .mnf file for each .exe appear.
Venkata Vanam
Occasional Contributor

Re: PMP Installation

Issue is resolved now. I had to rerun the Installation files.