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PMP V4 authentication failure

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Ian Kirvell
Frequent Advisor

PMP V4 authentication failure


I've been trying to get Performance Management Pack working on our SIM server for a while now. I log in as the local admin on the SIM server and install PMP. During the PMP install it asks for a user to run the service under, but IT DOES NOT allow me to change the domain (from domain to local server name) - hence I have to use the domain admin account! When the install is complete the service starts - but SIM logs login failure events every couple of seconds. If I change the PMP service to use the local administrator account I get the same error, and it locks the local admin account!

Anyone seen this before?

Thanks a lot.
Trusted Contributor

Re: PMP V4 authentication failure


Though it is not recommeded, but if you are ready to do some research, you can try editing globalsettings.props file (for fields, WindowsInstallUserName & WindowsServiceUserName) in SIM installation path, before installing PMP.

Ian Kirvell
Frequent Advisor

Re: PMP V4 authentication failure

Solution provided above. Modified .props file to reflect user required for PMP install.