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PMP and VMWare ESX Guests Query

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

PMP and VMWare ESX Guests Query

I'm looking at PMP on our VMHost Servers and now drilling down and looking at the Guests.

There's some nice info but one item I'm confused by:
Average Virtual Processor Utilization %
First off I didn't think VMware virtualised the CPU.
Second, the figures in this don't seem to correspond with any workloads I'm seeing reported by VMware performance or PerfMon. And yes, I'm aware that there can be CPU used by a VM Guest that doesn't show in perfmon.

The figures have maximums well over 100% (e.g. 176%) which is pretty impressive for a guest configured with a single vCPU.

Anyone any idea what this value actually represents, as it can cause PMP to report a server as being overloaded when it's actually not loaded at all.