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PMP "page not found error"

Occasional Contributor

PMP "page not found error"

Windows 2000
Systems Insight Manager 5.0 with SP4 - Windows
PMP 4.0.1

When I attempt to configure PMP in my environment I get a "page not found error".
I go to options>PMP Options>configuration.

I am prompted to log in to the homepage of my CMS server and get the following error after accepting my credentials:

page not found on

(I removed the IP address of my SIM server)

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: PMP "page not found error"

You might want to look at upgrading PMP to 4.1.1.
Don't go for 4.2, it's used by HPSIM SP5 and here it has caused a few issues.