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Oct 16, 2008 14:54:40 GMT

I have just installed HP SIM 5.2 and PMP 4.7. when i try and run the PMP it is saying that the servers are ready for licensing. i have run the license manager and assign the licenses but it is saying non used. Anyone any ideas. The servers are a DL385g2 and a DL320 g5 running windows server 2003 am i doing something stupid
they also come up with unsupported config but as far as i can see they are on the ok list
Roman Belsky


I have the similar issue with BL 30p.

I have found in intranet (not remember where) next hints:

For licensing & monitoring, PMP is sensitive to server details, such as
OS name, OS version, Management Agent version & so on, so you might want
to verify these values against the PMP support matrix. Some of the
probable causes of getting "unsupported ..." are:

- For a given server, discovery using WBEM might give version no.
as 5.2.*, whereas the same field is populated as just "5.2", when
discovered using SNMP. In that case, you can edit this field to make it
"5.2", as required by PMP.

- Similarly WBEM discovery populated OS name with extra (R), which
is not required by PMP. So, after referring support matrix, you may want
to edit that field as per the supported OS name.

You can edit these fields & same will be reflected in SIM database, but
PMP database may store the older values, so you can either restart PMP
service (HP Perfromance Management Pack) to refresh its database OR use
a 'Update Server List' button, available on 'Monitoring Administration'

The easy way to do this exercise, is to disable WBEM during initial
discovery of all monitored servers, license them in PMP & set them for
monitoring AND if required, enable WBEM & do the rediscovery.

Good luck