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POST Errors Encountered

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Tim Collins_10
Occasional Advisor

POST Errors Encountered

I received an email alert from a server as follows. Is there any way to find out exactly what error occured on start-up and how can I rectify it?



The system has detected the following event:

SNMP Trap: 6027
System URL: http://XXXXXX:2301/
Date time: 02/21/2004 03:30:36 AM
Computer: XXXXXX
Source: Server Agents
Type: Warning
Category: (4)

A 'POST Errors Encountered' trap signifies that one or more errors occurred during the Power-On-Self-Test when the system started.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: POST Errors Encountered

"Drill down" to the server (you can do this by clicking the server's name while viewing the event, then selecting the Insight agents link) to get the detailed information from the Integrated Management Log on that specific ProLiant. The IML is stored in NVRAM and contains all major hardware errors that occur when the OS is up, or even during POST, as in this case.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: POST Errors Encountered

It doesn't always show all errors though. Next time you reboot the Server you may want to keep a close eye the boot sequence to see if any alerts are reported.

We've got a Server that generates some warnings because of disk firmware not being up to date that finally translate to a POST Error.
Tim Collins_10
Occasional Advisor

Re: POST Errors Encountered


Thx guys. When I checked the IM Logs it indicated a disk driver error and after rebooting the startup screen confirmed this.

I have downloaded the disk firmware and applied it - all sorted.

Thx again for your prompt response.


Occasional Visitor

Re: POST Errors Encountered


I hasve today upgraded the firmware of my ml370 server & after the rebott i again got the same error.

CAn somebody help