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PSP on RHAS2.1 and a G3 blade

Dennis Kanbier
Occasional Advisor

PSP on RHAS2.1 and a G3 blade


I'm having issues with SNMP in combination with the Proliant Support Pack with RedHat Advanced Server 2.1 on a BL20p G3 blade.

I'm trying to collect our BL20p serialnumbers using SNMP. To do so, I try to collect the value of ., wich should give me the blade's serial number.

However, I've noticed an issue while ussing different blade versions:

BL20pG2 + RHAS2.1 + PSP7.30 = works fine.
BL20pG3 + RHES3 + PSP7.51 = works fine.
BL20pG2 + RHES3 + PSP7.51 = works fine.
BL20pG3 + RHAS2.1 + PSP7.30 = Giving Enclosure S/N.

So, the above SNMP string gives back the blade's serialnumber on all above situations except for a BL20p G3 blade running RedHat Advanced Server 2.1 and the for that OS latest PSP 7.30. There it gives back the enclosure serialnumber where the blade is located.

Anyone have seen this behaviour? And maybe has a solution?
Dennis Kanbier
Occasional Advisor

Re: PSP on RHAS2.1 and a G3 blade

Nobody ever seen this behaviour? Or is more information required?

The System Management Homepage displays the servers serialnumber like it should, but an SNMP query for the servers serial number returns the enclosure serial number.

Can someone maybe explain to me how the SNMP query gets answered on a Linux server, and how the HP MIBs are linked to the snmpd service on the blade? Maybe that can get me closer to a solution.

I'd really could use some help on this one, we're still having this problem.