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Pb with 1850R server

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Pb with 1850R server


I have a problem with a compaq 1850R which runs Windows 2003 server. I've tried to install HP insight management Agents but here the error message i get :
The installation program couldn't find the appropriate system management controller driver which is required but is not currently installed.
Please install the appropriate system management controller driver and then rerun the setup program.
I've tried with several version of IMA but still doesn't work

Then i've tried to install HP Advenced system management controller driver but i had another error message :
The software is not supported for installation on this system.

The ROM BIOS on this system must be version 12/ 1/1999 or greater for installation to continue. Please upgrade your ROM BIOS and run this installation again.

I don't know why can't i install IMA on this server?
Don Reese_3
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Re: Pb with 1850R server

I have a similar problem with a machine from the same era, a PL1600, although with Windows 2000 Server. These machines are too old to be recognized by the newer agent drivers, and of course are not 'officially' supported to run Windows 2003 Server at all.

My advice, which I haven't tried as yet, would be to install the 5.5 agents, and then try to upgrade what you can through VCA.