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Performance Management Pack 4.2 -

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Steven Baillie
Trusted Contributor

Performance Management Pack 4.2 -

I am trying to install PMP 4.2 onto my SIM 5.0 SP5 server. Everytime I try and install it I get hundreds of "A login attempt was made by an invalid user".
I have checked the username and password and both are correct.
The installation just hangs and I have to manually stop the installation.

I there somewhere I can change the user that PMP 4.2 is using to install as it does not give me the option to change during the install.

I am trying this before I install sim 5.1 and PMP 4.3.

Should I install SIM 5.1 to solve my issue.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance Management Pack 4.2 -

I've had issues with PMP 4.2, it's actually unusable here.
I've not yet tried HPSIM 5.1 / PMP 4.3 but I'm going to be doing a reinstall so I'm hopeful that it will get resolved.

My issues seem to involve a rogue PMP license.

You might be better off going for the later version.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Performance Management Pack 4.2 -


I think there is some mismatch between SIM's user credential & credential supplied during PMP installation. Though it is not advisable, you can edit \config\globalsettings.props file for "WindowsServiceUserName" properties, as per your requirement & then try to install PMP.

Thomas Olsen_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Performance Management Pack 4.2 -


Make sure that you are logged on to the SIM server with the same credentials as your SIM services are running under.

I think it might cause problems if you install it under another account even if you specify the service account during the installation.

Steven Baillie
Trusted Contributor

Re: Performance Management Pack 4.2 -

thanks pkrai your suggestion worked.