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Predictive Warning on SSD without error

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Predictive Warning on SSD without error


We have several servers using MK0200GCTYV SSD.

In HPE SIM we get warnings on these, but when we check error counters in ADU, they are still at zero..

We think an internal counter in the SSD may trigger the warning but we cannot find it

The workload statics show for the drive on average 58.6 months 589.7 TB written Workload 1.18TB/m
The Wear Gauge however displays some weird numbers

Status - OK

Supported - TRUE

Log Full - FALSE

Utilization -1.280000

Power On Hours - 42825

Has Smart Trip SSD Wearout - FALSE

Remaining Days Until Wearout - 137619

Has 56 Day Warning - FALSE

Has Utilization Warning - NONE

What does Utilization mean in this respect?

How can it be we have 137619 days left on the device and get errors

Does the Predictive warning mean/indicate the drive is at its end-of-life (almost 5 years in us) and is exceeding write threshold.? The Wearout Treshold is FALSE according to Wear Gauge


Re: Predictive Warning on SSD without error

Hi HanCas,

Please log a support ticket with HPE with SSD Wear Gauge report and ADU report.

Also share the warning received in HPE SIM about the SSD to the support personal.

I am an HPE Employee

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