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Problem configuring Insight Manager.

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Problem configuring Insight Manager.


I am the system administrator of a company, and I have been asked to implement Insight Manager in order to monitorize hardware (such as CPU temperature, fans, Raid status and so on) of several Proliant servers. These are all the following models:

Proliant DL160 G5
Proliant ML 350 G4p
Proliant ML 150G3.

I have been asked to install Insight Manager in DL160 G5, and from there, monitorize the rest of the server hardware.

I have downloaded Insight Manager 6.0 and Support Pack 8.40.

I have installed Insight Manager in the DL160 server. All servers run Windows 2003 server with Service Pack 2.

Once installed, I try to install the Support Pack, in order to install from Insight Manager to all the other computers. I launch the hpsum.exe from the decompressed Support Pack directory, and I get the list of avaliable modules.

One of those modules, is the HP Insight Management Agents for Windows 2003/2008, and at the right panel, informs that the module failed the dependencies. If I click on the link, it says:

Installation for "HP Insight Management Agents for Windows Server 2003/2008" requires one or more of the following that is not currently installed or in the install set:

- cpqasm.sys
- cpqasm2.sys
- hpqilo2.sys
- hpqilo3core.sys
- hpqmgmt.sys

If I try to install the module manually, doubleclicking the cp011539.exe file, I get the following message:

The software is not supported for installation on this system.

The installation program couldn't find the appropriate system management controller driver which is required but is not currently installed. Please install the appropriate system management controller driver and then rerun the setup program.

Press 'Close' to exit Setup.

So I locate the system management controller driver to try installing it manually, and I find that there is no other system management controller driver but ILO Advanced System management controller driver, which if I try to install, I get the message 'The hardware neccesary to install this driver is not present'.

I have searched for the correct system management controller driver, and every file that I have found, downloaded and tried, has finished with the same message.

So, is there any solution for this problem?


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Re: Problem configuring Insight Manager.

Best practise is to install the entire Proliant Support Pack for a given OS.
Check that it's supported, IIRC some of the DL1xx series servers do not support the agents.
The agents do rely on various drivers and it's also a good idea to ensure the firmware is up to date. Download the latest FW CD and run that over the server.
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Re: Problem configuring Insight Manager.

Thanks for your answer. Finally, I have installed Insight Manager in a ML350 G5 without problems.