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Problem upgrading Version Control Agent to (Win 2000)

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Problem upgrading Version Control Agent to (Win 2000)



I got a little problem.

When i try to upgrade VCA i got this error :

Name: HP Version Control Agent for Windows
New Version:

Beginning Silent Session...

The software is not supported for installation on this system.

The HP System Management Homepage Win32 service was not found by the

Installation will not continue.

The operation was not successful.


I installed this package with the ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows 2000 version 7.60A, so i think dependencies should'nt be the problem.

But when i try to install this package i have always the same errors, i've read older posts about this error and tryed to reinstall System Homepage (System Homepage is already installed and working) but when i force its installation, it succeed but when i read the details :

Beginning silent session...

Name: HP System Management Homepage for Windows
New Version: 2.1.6
Current Version: 2.1.6

Failed to remove the HP System Management Homepage Service


I also tried to manually create a SMH service (launching hp\hpsmh\bin\startsmh.exe as a service) but in vain.


Do you have any clues?


Steven Baillie
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Re: Problem upgrading Version Control Agent to (Win 2000)

Go to add remove programs - Remove HP System management Hompage - reboot server - Install latest version of SMH and now install latest version control.


Ugrading  from SMH 2..x.x  to 6.x.x sometime does this.


not fully got a solution to this but so far try stopping all HP services - make sure they are all stopped and not still stopping - If still stopping you may have to end the processes.

Remove SMH by add/remove programs and install latest SMH.



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Re: Problem upgrading Version Control Agent to (Win 2000)



I can confirm this (after having upgraded more then 500 servers like this)


First upgrade the SMH to at least version 6.3... Afterwards upgrade VCA to also at least 6.3...


Good feedback from these versions, can't say it about older version like 2.x...





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Re: Problem upgrading Version Control Agent to (Win 2000)

Okay, i figured it out.


I uninstalled SMH properly by deleting just one file wich was remaining of a failed installation i guess.

I found it at  hp\hpsmh\data and was called cgi-bin (it was a file not a directory and had no extension)


after this everything were just fine.


Thank you