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Problem with HP SIM in a multi-domain environment

Erik Cleppe
Occasional Contributor

Problem with HP SIM in a multi-domain environment


I'm having an issue with HP SIM. I'm not able to distribute software. When trying to do so I'm getting the error message "The name "BXL020.GSINET.BE" does not represent a node in this system.
BXL020.GSINET.BE is my Management server.

The server is located in the GSINET.BE domain, but there is a 1-way trust from our other domain. (BE)

The server has 3 IP addresses one for GSINET, one for BE and one for our Management net.

This is the system page of my BXL020.

Preferred System Name bxl020
Network Name bxl020

This is the result of a nslookup of BXL020.


Any idea?

All help greatly appreciated.


- Sidenote, the machine is also a virtual machine running on VMware ESX.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with HP SIM in a multi-domain environment

You are getting a positive NSLOOKUP of the short name, what resolves when you use the FQDN? Since this is the central management server (CMS) itself, it might do to bypass DNS with a hosts file--that also can speed up operations. Create %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with both forms of the name and with the preferred IP address for access.

On your side note, after much testing, HP SIM is not supported in a virtual machine. While it works and is appropriate for demo purposes, we believe that operating HP SIM in a virtual machine will likely starve it of resources and is likely to starve other virtual machines on the same system as well.
Erik Cleppe
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problem with HP SIM in a multi-domain environment


I have changed my hosts file. It now looks like this. localhost BXL020 BXL020.GSINET.BE

But I keep getting the same error. Downloading the support pack works, but when clicking Run Now to install it, I get the error.

Is multi-domain/network a supported way?
Also I couldn't install the management controller and something else of the agent on BXL020. Probably since it's VM.