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Problem with NSW Australia Daylight Saving Time

Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Problem with NSW Australia Daylight Saving Time

I have noticed in two different SIM systems (5.1 and 5.x) that something has gone awry with the way timezones are reported. It is probably related to the rather messy way NSW went about changing daylight savings (it now finishes a week later - first Sunday in April).

For example, I see time entries on events such as:
- Tue, 1/04/2008, 12:55 VLAST
- Sat, 22/03/2008, 22:57 VLAT

On the System Status page:
- Updated: Tue, 1/04/2008, 13:15 VLAST

On the login page, the dropdown list for timezone has 2 options:
- Vladivostok Summer Time
- Sakhalin Summer Time
(It used to be Eastern Daylight, NSW or similar)

So, what can I do to get it right? There must be a set of files that can be miodified somewhere that allow teh correct NSW DST parameters to be entered. An update to 5.2 is not immediately appealing, but will it fix the problem anyway?
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with NSW Australia Daylight Saving Time

I've got the same issue with two sim servers running C05.01.00.02

Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Re: Problem with NSW Australia Daylight Saving Time

Now that daylight savings really has ended, everything appears to be OK, including events logged during the mixup period now correctly reporting as EST rather than SAKST.

I noticed that SIM 5.2 doesn't have a timezone dropdown box on the login page. Hopefully by this time next year, the latest versions/updates will have the DST issues sorted out.