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Problems during installation of HPSIM5 sp5

Regular Advisor

Problems during installation of HPSIM5 sp5


During the installation sequence of HPSIM I'm encountering the following hang up: initialzing database never finishes. This is the last entries in the installation log initconfig.log:

" 11. Agent Configuration
12. Management Services
13. Initialization and Database Population

HPSIM Initialization Starts at: 11. desember 2006 kl 10.16 CET
- Initializing Database
ERROR - Initialization error
Exception Configuration failed to complete due to the following exception:
Initialization error
Details can be found in the log file at C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\logs\initconfig.log
-------------- Date = 11. desember 2006 kl 13.06 CET
-------------- Operation = Configure
========== End Initial Configuration Record =========="

Note that it referes to initconfig.log eventhough this is cut from that file. Not very informative!

Any ideas,